Mob Scene
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2023 - 2024
Behind-the-scenes and promotional content for The Creator, Saw X and Barbie: A Touch of Magic S2.
Empire Waist: Confidence Curriculum • Wayfarer
Head of Post Production and Freelance Editor • Educational Content • 2023 - 2024
Short form educational featurettes combining on-set interviews, behind-the-scenes, and film footage to accompany the film's release in August 2024.

Things Will Be Different • Last Life LLC
Editor • Feature Film • 2023
Science-fiction thriller premiering at South By Southwest in March 2024.

Dance Squad • Noggin
Freelance Editor • TV Show • 2022 - 2023
Long and short form educational children’s programming.

Vox Media
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2022
Now This highlight video shining light on the SETA Project in Brazil, a non-profit organization funded by the Kellogg Foundation that works to bring education to minorities.

AMMO Creative
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2022
Various web and social content for children’s programming.

Sunny Boy
Freelance Editor • BTS Content • 2022
Behind-the-scenes content for “NOPE” from Universal Home Entertainment.

BODi by Beachbody
Freelance Editor • Digital & On Demand Content • 2020-2022
Various content ranging from workouts to behind-the-scenes for BODi social channels and on demand services.

Big Machine Productions
Freelance Editor • BTS Content • 2022
Promotional and behind-the-scenes piece for Netflix’s Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021)

Sticks N Stones • Super League Games
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2020-2021
Weekly Snapchat series based on the best clips from the Animal Crossing video game.

Stories on Stories • Even/Odd Films & Meta
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2019-2020
Facebook branded social media content that features ordinary people with extraordinary hobbies.

Screen Junkies
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2019
Featurette based on highlights from Comic Con San Diego and trailer for Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary.

Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2019
Long and short form culture-themed web content following the BuzzFeed model.

Top 30 • Fox
Editor • TV Show • 2017-2019
Segments for national news show in a high-pressure environment.

Would You Like to Try Again?
Editor • Short Film • 2018
Dramatic short with fantasy and non-linear themes.

Darkness in Tenement 45
Editor • Feature Film • 2017-2018
Thriller with horror and historical fiction dynamics.

Food Hacks For Kids • DreamworksTV
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2017
Web series teaching kids fun ways to cook.

Tap That Awesome App • DreamworksTV
Freelance Editor • Digital Content • 2017
Game show featuring celebrities competing to answer entertainment trivia questions.

Hollywood Today Live • Fox
Editor • Live TV Show • 2016-2017
Live on-air packages for nationally syndicated entertainment program.

Trailer Park
Freelance Editor • 2015-2016
Promotional, digital and behind-the-scenes pieces for clients such as Fathom Events, Netflix: Fuller House, Los Angeles Rams, TCM Film Festival, and Warner Bros.

Dol Guldor, The Hill of Sorcery • The Hobbit: The Battles of the Five Armies
Editor • BTS Content • 2015
Documentary on how the world of Dol Guldor was created.

The Filmmakers' Commentary • The Hobbit: The Battles of the Five Armies
Editor • BTS Content • 2015
Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens discuss how The Hobbit came to life on the big screen.

Realms of the Third Age: Beorn's House • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Editor • BTS Content • 2014
Documentary on how Beorn’s House was created.

Trailer Park
Lead Assistant Editor • 2012-2014
Organized and creatively selected footage for editors of The Hobbit Trilogy.

Herzog & Co.
Post Coordinator and Assistant Editor • 2011-2012
Logged, transcoded, and organized footage for behind-the-scenes content.

After Effects 101
Studio Arts • Los Angeles, CA

Adobe Photoshop, Avid Media Composer
Moviola • Hollywood, CA

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts
Florida State University • Tallahassee, FL

Premiere Pro • Final Cut Pro • Avid Media Composer • Media Encoder • Audition • Photoshop • After Effects  Frame io • English • Portuguese
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